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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Website Creation is key to your online marketing. Your business website should catch the eye of your customer. Keywords on the website should help direct the customer where you want them to go and do Call to action! Do you want customers to call you? book? or Get directions? Customers have to be told what to do in a simple and easy way.

Keep customer engaged. Offer a promotional sale or coupons. Make sure to add any exceptions to the offer in small writing. Social Media can help with this. Stay active on social media if your business is a retail, or design services.

Make your customer feel welcomed. There is nothing worse than an unwelcoming business. Have you seen a Social media post with all the strict guidelines of a business. Such as policies, deposits, not keeping your appointment etc. These type of company policies can always be discussed later in the process. Do not let your business give this negative first impression.


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